About the Author

M. S. Valdez is an avid reader of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and some non-fiction.  His favorite author far-and-away is Stephen King.  However, his favorite novel of all time is Hyperion by Dan Simmons.  He enjoys running in the hills of Colorado and partaking in the occasional micro-brew that are plentiful along the front range.

Author photograph © 2014 by M. S. Valdez.


Greetings readers!

I set up this website to blog about my novel: Empire Paladin; and to answer any questions regarding the book: story, characters, cover art, etc.

I also set it up to receive constructive criticism: positive and negative.  It will help me to become a better author.  Being an avid reader myself (and audio-book listener) I’ve certainly had my fair share of gushing and bashing about books.  So it’s only fair that I now am thrown into the fire.


M. S. Valdez