EMPIRE PALADIN: Descent into Hell

The powerful, gripping conclusion to the EMPIRE PALADIN series!

A tale of dark, brutal, and gritty historical fantasy.

The year is 1241.

The righteous (some might claim self-righteous) paladin knight, Camila Chastaine, is being hunted for her attempted murder upon a high-ranking official of the Holy Church. 

Camila’s former allies, the paladin, Talitha, and the sorceress, Fausta, join in the task of bringing Camila to justice.

A summons is sent to a western realm requesting the aid of a devout, zealous holy warrior, a Knight Templar, to assist in tracking down the rogue paladin.  The Templar’s reputation is well known throughout the Templar Order as an utterly merciless and ruthless soldier of the Holy Church.

As Camila seeks to evade capture and absolve herself of the accused crimes, that ancient evil, the Prince of Hell, who has so tormented her now delights in the opportunity to finally claim her soul!

Copyright © 2020 by M. S. Valdez.