EMPIRE PALADIN: Blood of the Unholy

The pulse-pounding followup to Empire Paladin: Realm of the Dead.

A tale of dark, brutal, and gritty historical fantasy.

The year is 1241.

The devout, righteous, paladin knight, Camila Chastaine, sets out on a journey to discover the truth of her past; a past of tragic demonic possession only hinted at through whispers from Satan, Prince of Hell.

Camila’s companions, her fellow paladins Talitha and Atrael, along with the sorceress, Fausta, are sent on a mission to determine the cause of several mysterious deaths in a distant mountain outpost.

An ancient terror of the night awakens from its long slumber; and blood begins to flow, the blood of the unholy.

Will the truth that Camila seeks destroy the few remaining threads of her sanity, or will the awakening of primal evil be her ultimate demise and that of her friends?

Copyright © 2019 by M. S. Valdez.