*Review* – A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay

For most of this book, I wasn’t quite sure of how the story was going to go, or what was going to become of the main characters. It certainly keeps you guessing throughout.

The novel follows the life of a family: husband, wife, two daughters; who are going through normal everyday struggles. Except, of course, when the eldest daughter, Marjorie, seems to become “possessed”. This leads to a lot of family conflicts, some truly horrific. The youngest daughter, Mary (8), is trying to make sense of the turmoil around her. Mary is also very troubled about what is happening to her older sister given how much she looks up to her.

A reality TV show producer decides to document the family’s struggle with this possession. This is a boon and curse to the family as it means much needed income, but an invasion of their privacy and their lives as protesters descend on their house en masse.

While I figured the book would end in some cliche tidy bow, it certainly did not. It floored me! High recommended!